Melamined chipboard

Melamined chipboard (MDF)

Painted chipboard

Painted chipboard (MDF)


MEGALAM’s Features & Priorities

Before our new products are presented to our suppliers and the market, we checked the quality of this product in our region. We would like to share with you the samples sent by us, from Furniture manufacturers. Their words and thoughts about MEGALAM. Meeting with our dear producers who checked megal...


The manufacturer of the latest generation technology is trying to provide more quality products and services through a new based MDF line. Every tree after the crust is transformed in the form of wood fibres, which is used in the production. Also, the crust is also exposed. Then all the wood fibres...

New Colors

Our company is timely informed about all innovations in the field of construction materials, technologies and design. In the company we have received new colors, which already have great advantages in Turkey and other countries. Which one would you prefer? ÇİNİ (KEPI) 178 KALEMİŞİ (KEPI) 182 EBRU (K...

MDF and Its priorities

The literal meaning of MDF is Medium Density Fibreboard and the name is formed from the capital letters of this expression. Depending on the MDF’s structure, the MDF’s tile is at the same point of time with uniform simplicity, Which gave him the advantages. Signs of the material: -grabs...

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