Melamined chipboard

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What is Melamined Chipboard?
It is a material which comes into being after the lamination for a definite period of the paper which is impregnated under the heat and pressure with chipboard.

The lamination can be done from 6mm to 30mm thickness.

  •  210*244
  •  210*280
  •  210*366
  •  210*340
  •  210*420
  •  183*366
  •  183*244
  •  183*280

Production is done in the above dimensions.

Production can be done in 6 different sheeting surfaces such as Wood, Bright, Bute, Natural, Str, and Plain. Melamined chipboard production can be done with each of these surfaces in the required thickness. When we do production on bright surfaces, in the light of our customers’ requirements to protect the sheet surface from outside influences we do the production with or without folio. Direct post forming production can also be done.




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