What is MDF?

MDF is a kind of sheet which has a homogeneous structure and medium hardness, it is composed from the fibre which can be obtained by thermo mechanical method from wood and other cellulose materials, after the fibre is dried for a fixed humidity degree it is glued with adhesive which has thermosetting character at the rate of almost 9-11% and pressed under the heat and pressure.

The literal meaning of MDF is Medium Density Fibreboard and the name is formed from the capital letters of this expression. Because of its structure MDF is given preference due to the fact that in every point it has a homogeny density, it can be obtained in standard dimensions, perfectness in milling operations and also grabs the screw used on the surface and edges very well



  • 1,5mm    unsanded
  • 2mm       unsanded
  • 2,5mm    unsanded
  • 3mm       unsanded
  • 4mm       unsanded       +     sanded
  • 5mm       unsanded       +     sanded
  • 6mm       unsanded       +      sanded
  • 8mm       unsanded       +     sanded
  • 9mm       unsanded       +     sanded
  • 10mm     unsanded       +     sanded
  • 12mm     unsanded       +     sanded
  • 14mm     sanded
  • 16mm     sanded
  • 18mm     sanded


  • 183*366
  • 183*420
  • 207*244
  • 210*280
  • 210*366
  • 210*340,5
  • 210*420
  • 220*280
  • 220*366
  • 220*420